Woman-owned and operated in the US, we are a modern fashion brand with the primary goal of serving women of all ages. Our main mission is to provide a go-to shopping spot where women would find unique and sophisticated garments at competitive prices. The founder of GlowGirl boutique is a fashion visionary. She believes that the right clothing pieces create radiance from within, immediately elevating women’s confidence.

About the founder - Oxana Lopetegui-Pineda

Oxana was born and raised in Cuba and migrated to the US at the age of 17. Her love for fashion evolved in her early 30’s. It was then when she found her fashion identity and developed a unique eye for style. In 2019, Oxana moved with her husband and two sons about 1000 miles away from Miami, FL, to Lexington, KY. They moved for a better quality of life in the Bluegrass City. Oxana continued her Project Manager career in the Technology sector soon after settling in Lexington. Around the same time, she ventured out in the social media world as an “influencer.” Her mission was to inspire women worldwide to be the best version of themselves. She believes women’s confidence can be positive influenced through clothing while also expressing their authenticity. In the initial social media days, she only created content about her natural curls and quickly emerged into the fashion trend. Mixing colors, patterns and sourcing unique pieces is what she does best. This is how GlowGirl boutique came to life and was founded in 2021. She saw a vision for women everywhere to find their style and be unique; then, she executed her vision without hesitation. 

Message from the founder

“Today, you are navigating this site that I created with so much love and passion, and I am so very grateful you are here. I only hope that you are here to stay with us for the long run. I am committed to serving you unconditionally and bringing to your closets the unique styles of today for the years to come. Remember, no matter what you wear today, wear it with confidence because that will always be your superpower! Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!